Introducing PressureBall, the ultimate tennis ball saver that keeps tennis balls bouncing like new.

PressureBall is a tennis ball pressurizer tube that ensures new tennis balls will never lose their bounce. By storing them in a PressureBall tube the balls will keep bouncing like brand new balls, until the felt wears out! This clever invention will save you money as your tennis balls remain usable for much, much longer. And you’ll know that every time you head onto the court your balls will perform like new. Tennis ball pressurizer

Watch How Simple PressureBall is to Use

“The PressureBall tube works well. I was able to reuse balls that I would have thrown away.”
Zach, USA

Why do tennis balls lose their bounce?

Brand new tennis balls have an internal pressure of 14 psi. Tennis balls come in a pressurized can (pressurized to 14 psi), but as soon as you’ve opened the can, they start losing their bounce. That’s why in professional matches tennis balls are changed every 9 games.

Want to save money on tennis balls?

The best way to save money on tennis balls is to get the most out of the balls you already have. Instead of replacing your tennis balls because they no longer bounce properly, just store them in a PressureBall tube and they’ll always bounce like new. That means you can keep using your tennis balls until the felt wears out!

Restore the Life to Old Tennis Balls

Do you have old tennis balls that still look good, but just don’t bounce properly anymore? You can restore them by putting them in a PressureBall tube. Store them for a few days in PressureBall and you’ll see them bouncing like new again.

Lightweight, Portable and Flexible

PressureBall is a world-first. The flexible tube sits flat when not being used, taking up almost no space. Its lightweight yet robust structure won’t weigh you down, and is made to last.

Easy to Use

You’ll find PressureBall super easy to use. Simply attach the clasp, then pump it up to 14 psi with a hand pump that has a gauge. You can buy one of our pumps, or use any pump with the right fitting and a gauge.

With PressureBall you can be confident that your tennis balls will perform at their optimum level, every time.

“I like your Pressureball very much and it’s indispensable to me now. The biggest advantage of your Pressureball is its flexibility. It’s easy to carry.”

Yasushi, Japan

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